Finding your Balance through Self Care

I fondly remember the days when my kids were young children. The true gift that children give you is the opportunity to experience life again through eyes of wonder and innocence. We used to spend countless hours just watching ants, waving at fire trucks, and literally stopping to smell the roses. These are precious moments that will stay with me forever, and I am so grateful to have had those special years.

My son and daughter are young adults now and well on their way down their own life path. I now find myself with spare time! What is this, a young mother may ask?

I think it is so important for parents of young children to squeeze out some time for self care. It is difficult to keep on giving when you haven’t replenished your own cup. Looking back, I wish I had taken more time to take care for my own mental and emotional health. I did go to the gym several times a week for some pretty intense workouts, but I never took the time for calm, quiet reflection. Life was go, go, go.

In the last year or so, I have been working on my yoga and meditation practice. This practice has truly brought me clarity, calm, and peace. I wish that I had discovered meditation sooner and introduced my children to it. I think children can benefit greatly by learning meditation. School can be loud, busy and overwhelming and kids often react to it to by misbehaving. Rather than punishment, kids could learn to take some time out to be alone and quietly find their inner balance. It is a tool for all of us to help manage anxiety and the pressures of everyday life.

It doesn’t have to cost any money to bring meditation into your life and your children’s lives. Free podcasts are helpful: you may want to try a short guided meditation to keep you on track. There are also podcasts for children available. The ability to manage your thoughts and emotions better is a great gift for the whole family. Give it a try!

Written by Sandra Maniago, Founder/Designer of Loko Sport


Sandra Maniago
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