How to stay motivated to exercise: a hat tip to fitness instructors!

Ah, New Year. Many of us resolve to get fit and take better care of ourselves. By mid-January though, we start to loose steam, and the couch seems more appealing than the gym. I am here to cheer you on and share how I have found motivation to workout consistently for over 25 years: I do group fitness classes. They are fun! The music, wonderful instructors and the energy of moving with a group is motivating.

Here is where I tip my hat to Fitness Professionals. I am grateful for those smart, energetic and eternally positive men and women who stand up in front of us and lead and encourage us to be our best selves. I have heard many instructors start the class by congratulating us for getting there, since it is truly half the battle. There have been many days when I have dragged myself to a class. I do it because I know that the music will elevate my mood, the endorphins will kick in and that bubbly instructor in front of me will cheer me on. I always feel better afterward.

Try to put variety in your routine so you don"t get bored. I do spin classes, Body Pump, yoga, core or Pilates classes and I go for long outdoor walks and bike rides. No running for me due to knee issues.

Not everyone likes the gym. Walking, swimming, running, home fitness videos are all great options. Remember, we all need exercise to be healthy and strong at every age. My kids are teens now, and it is satisfying to see that they turn to sports and fitness for fun, socializing and to help them achieve strength and technique in their chosen activities.

Make exercise a priority in your life. It will keep you feeling and looking great and positively influence everyone around you.     


Sandra Maniago
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