my first ever blog: a little bit about Loko Sport...

Well, I have finally decided to write a blog. This is my first ever! I thought I would start by sharing a little bit about what I have been up to lately at Loko Sport.

First off, I have to tell you that I just added some 50% off sale styles to my shopping site:

We have been super busy as of late getting ready to supply some exciting new vendors. We are providing T-shirts and jackets for men and women for the Alberta Summer Games ambassadors and commitee. Yes, I am pleased to bring some sporty style to these lovely volunteers.

An excting new store called Terra 20 is opening in Ottawa this June/July. This is the flagship store with more to be opened across the country. It is a new concept since it will essentially be an eco-friendly superstore. Everything in the store is eco-friendly: food, clothing, cleaning products, household items and more. The order I am producing for them will be entirely made from eco-conscious bamboo/organic cotton/lycra.     

I am aslo involved in another new concept store, this one being on-line and selling across Canada called

Some cracker jack programmers and marketers in Toronto have come up the idea to create an Amazon for Canadians. Starting in June, we Canadians can shop for millions of products on-line without the products having to cross borders (no duties). Everything will be shipped from Canadian warehouses. Shipping and returns are free. They will be doing a big promotional campaign. I'm sure you will hear about it. They will be selling products from large brand name suppliers as well as small suppliers, such as Loko Sport.

My Plus-sized friends will be happy to know that all of these suppliers will be carrying Loko Plus as well.

I am very happy and grateful that an increasing number of women are discovering and wanting to wear my designs.  It gives me great satisfaction when women try on my clothing and are pleased with the way it looks and feels. My little way of spreading happiness hopefully :)

As most of you know, Loko Sport is produced in Ontario. I have worked in this garment industry for over 20 years, and I am now witnessing manufacturing coming back home to Canada which is great to see. What a great way to keep our economy strong.  

Well, that is all for now. This is kind of fun. Kind of like a diary. I took a stab at a diary once when I was about 8 years old. That quickly came to an end when my older sisters found it and read it out loud. Now they're my friends.

have a lovely Mothers Day weekend. I am seeing a play in Stratford :)





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